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Hair care and hair repair mask

For people who do not want to colour their hair, but do want to profit from the benefits of a henna treatment, Henné Color offers two non-colouring varieties. They will make your hair healthy, glossy and vibrant once again.

Henné Color hair mask are applied in the same way as the henna powder is. For the instruction manual and the application tips of these hair masks, you can therefore follow those of Henné Color Henna powder.

Henné Color Neutre hair care mask with the benefits of henna, without colouring your hair

Neutre - Neutral: hair care  

Gives your hair lustre, buoyancy and health, while protecting it from the elements, without colouring it. Neutre however, is disadviced for use by persons with a very light natural haircolour.

3,52 oz. - 100 gr.

Henné Color Quinquina hair repair mask for damaged, listless and frail hair

Quinquina - Kina: hair repair mask with a profound healing action. Due to its composition of Henna, quinquina bark, birch leaves, thyme and nettle, it is recommended in particular for the repair of split-ends, dull, breakable, fragile and tired hair.

3,52 oz. - 100 gr.

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