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Hair Mascara express touch: mascara for hair

Hair Mascara can be used to colour a single or a few strands, or colouring just the tips, in an easy and fast way. It is applied to dry hair, using small strokes from root to tip. You will be ready to go in just 10 minutes. Hair Mascara may be used on your hair, but not on your eyelashes or eyebrows. It can also be used to cover the first grey hairs. It is temporary hair colourant and fades gradually in a few days.

Hair Mascara Express Touch: Henna based mascara for your hair
Display of Hair Mascara Express Touch: Mascara for hair, in 7 different colours

Henné Color Hair mascara Express Touch

Cuivre - Copper Red
Acajou - Mahogany Red
Auburn - Dark Red
Blond Doré - Golden Blonde
Brun - Dark Brown
Châtain - Chestnut
Noir - Black

0,5 fl.oz. - 15 ml.

Hair Mascara
Express Touch

  • Easy and fast to apply

  • For root touch-ups

  • Ideal to colour a single strand

  • Colours the first grey hairs

  • Create coloured hair tips

  • No preparation

  • No rinsing

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