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Crème Colorante colouring cream: color-indication chart

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Our Color indication Chart helps you find the right colour for your hair. It gives an indication of what your chosen colour will look like with your original hair colour. The result may vary a bit, because henna makes use of your hairs natural qualities. With a natural product like henna, qualities like your original colour, your hair fibres, use of medication and even your state of health at the time of the treatment may have an impact on the resulting colour.

If you would like to test the resulting colour on your hair, we recommend to colour just one lock of hair first.

Henné Color's Colouring Cream generally offers a fairly good coverage for grey hair. Still grey hair often reacts differently to henna treatment than other hair colours. Colours can look brighter on grey hair, or in some cases the new colour just doesn't take hold, resulting in none to minimal results. A chemical colour treatment is taxing on your hair; it penetrates the hair fibre on a cellular level. On the other hand, Henné Color forms a protective (coloured) layer aroud every strand of hair. This proces is infinitely better for your hair fibres, but it does mean that the resulting colour on your hair might deviate from our Color indication Chart.
Color Indication chart: which hair color suits me? Choose the right color for your hair.
This chart is meant to give an indication only; no rights may be derived from using it. The resulting colour may vary from the displayed colour on this chart.

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